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Wernaldo Productions uses

Music expresses what cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent


Wernaldo an Austrian native began playing music at the age of twelve, motivated by his English teacher and has since then contributed to the work of many artists as producer, studio and live guitarist.

In  1995, Wernaldo moved from his hometown Linz, Austria to Lakeland, Florida.

Wernaldo's musical influences are artists such as Bob James, Joe Pass,  Herb Ellis, Tim Simmons, B.B. King, David Gilmour, Johnny Hiland, Karl Ratzer, Allen Hinds, Paul Jackson Jr. and Derek Trucks all of which had influenced him throughout his career as a musician.

In 2008, his song "Nature" based on the reflection of the beauty of the world surrounding us received extensive airplay on WSJT 98.7, a then popular smooth jazz radio station situated in the Tampa Bay Area.

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